Interactive Displays

Humber College

I built this project for Humber College, as a centerpiece for their new Donor Hall. It was written in Windows 10 (UWP), utilizing XAML, CompositionUI, and DirectX.

Designed to fit into the Hexagon flow of the wall, UI components were custom-built as 3D-transformable shapes. A UI-Animation-Model layer was built to abstract databinding to animations, through a fluent domain-language, on top of the standard model binding.

The Service layer is modular, implementing a Mediator / Command-Query pattern that allows for decoupling, even across the client boundaries, into cloud-based services.

The data layer is hosted remotely through Azure App Services, and can be updated through a dedicated management application. OData extensibility endpoints can be used by any app including IOS, Android, or Windows.

I built a custom CMS (Content Management System) to manage the donor-wall remotely, in Windows 10. It can handle multiple users at once,and allows the client to manage records, images, or videos.


Windows Phone

Won first place in a national competition for Windows Phone. The app was featured by Microsoft and ranked among the Top-10 purchased apps for several weeks.

Modern UI

Toronto Humane Society

Built custom client-facing applications, and back-end content management systems.

Integrating the high-quality graphics and modern interface design with business applications has always been an interest.

Data Visualizations

Silverlight, XAML

Awarded first place in a national competition to present complex data through data-binding. Data included predicted emissions over the next century, as calculated by the Kaya Identity and IPCC.

Data Entry Applications

Windows 10, SQL Server, Azure

There's always a need for CRUD apps. Many of my applications included a CMS component, built using my own data-entry framework.

Sold nearly 50,000 games and related entertainment products over several years. Created interactive chat-bots, and automated opponents, often hosted as "serverless" cloud workers.


Windows XAML DirectX

Work History

Software Developer @Undisclosed

London, Ontario
Late 2016 - Current

Currently serve as a C# developer for a local firm in London, Ontario. Own a few projects utilizing a range of technologies including Elasticsearch, Azure, WepApi, Net Core.

Application Developer (Windows 10) @imagin8

Toronto, Ontario
2015 - 2017

Built interactive displays, utilizing leading-edge development frameworks such as Universal Windows Platform (UWP), CompositionUI, and DirectX. Created both user-facing applications and back-end content management systems, integrating both through cloud services hosted through Microsoft Azure. Served as the primary developer for very large projects, with clients such as the largest college in the country.

Independent Software Developer

2003 - 2015

Self-published dozens of applications for Windows, supporting tens of thousands of sales and hundreds of thousands of users. Won several national and international awards from such vendors as Microsoft, Telerik, and ComponentOne.


Management Information Systems @Miami University

Oxford, Ohio
1998 - 2002

Bachelor of Science from the Richard Farmer school of business. Thematic sequence in Law, Finance, and a specialization in Entrepreneurship.

Post Graduation Special Student @University of Western Ontario

London, Ontario
2002 - 2004

Completed a wide range of courses in the Computer Science curriculum. Auditted courses of interest including analytics and economics.


First Place - Microsoft $10,000 "Apportunity"

$10K Cash, $10K Prizes and Promotions

Awarded first place in Microsoft Canada's National Windows Phone competition. Open competition available to all Canadian businesses and individuals, to build the best application or game for Windows Phone.

First Place - Silverlight Eco-Challenge

$5K Cash + Prizes, Trip To Las Vegas, Featured On Microsoft's Channel 9

Awarded first place in international Silverlight competition. Created a data visualization of IPCC projected carbon emissions.

First Place - Mashooo International Game Competition

$5K Cash + Prizes

Awarded first place in first international Silverlight game competition.